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Here I found an article form John Baril about free trick of online business. I have read this article and I think you need read, too. Ok, don't just readthis, but do it, and I think you will get th best too.

Are you looking for ways to cut your advertising expenses and successfully market your online business for free and not have to spend time doing things that yield no return? Let's take a moment to look at what works and what doesn't with free targeted Internet traffic marketing techniques.

Publish A Newsletter

Research a series of topics specific to your niche market, then write a series of highly informative letters that will be interesting and useful of your target audience. This will be the focus of your free targeted Internet traffic advertising campaign. As your subscribers learn to trust your opinion, they will be happy to accept your recommendations for products including your own or your affiliate offers.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website to get it more highly ranked on the search engines. Make sure your keywords are placed in the titles and subtitles as well as the main body text.

Directory Listings

There are still hundreds of free directories where you can list your website. A quick search on Google will lead you to them. Posting your website details on directories can be a chore, so limit your self to just a few submissions per session. Feedback may take a while to come through, so be patient and don't waste your time posting a second time if you do not hear anything immediately from the directory owner.

Swap Links

Put a link to a related site on your website, then contact the site owner, explain what you have done and why, and ask if he or she would be willing to add your link to his or her site. A lot of search engines still factor in link popularity when assigning page rank to websites.

Traffic Exchange Marketing

Join several of these for free and get to know how they work. You earn credits by surfing other members' web pages on the traffic exchange. Once you have accumulated some credits, your pages will be presented to other people as they surf the same traffic exchange.

Publish Articles

Regularly write and publish articles on your website or blog, and also submit them to article directories. With the article directories, you will be able to include a short promotional blurb with a link to your website at the bottom of your article. You will then get targeted Internet traffic when people read your article and after, click on your link.

E-book Publishing

Research a topic that your potential customers want to know about and turn it into a 30-40 page e-book. Offer your e-book as a freebie for new subscribers to your e-newsletter.

Video Marketing

If you have the equipment, making and posting a video costs nothing nowadays. Make a whole series of videos about your services or similar topics.

Set Up A Joint Venture

Look out for someone with something positive to bring to the table such as a big subscribers list and a great product, but who is not a direct competitor and make a joint venture proposal. You could suggest that you each promote your product on the other's mailing list. You will both get your message out to many more people without having to pay for the promotion.

Take these tips, turn them into a marketing plan and work your plan consistently and you will build a lot of free targeted Internet traffic for your online business.

I wish you the best of success,

Source: John Baril Copyright © John Baril


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