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All Netter,
Often you hear the term DO FOLLOW (or the U Comment I Follow), which means that more or less if you love to comment a block (put link) then the blog will give linkback.

So if it is said this is the blog I follow in the blogsphere. Means that the comments made on this blog do follow and will be distributed and linkback (Do Follow site). Unfortunately, the comment field in wordpress and blogger on the default made NO FOLLOW. This is done deliberately as a way to reduce spam...........

Most bloggers are still confused with the beginners how to activate this DO FOLLOW. Here is a simple way to make us a blog is DO FOLLOW with the code from Blogger Template with HTML widgets that expanded (mark expand) and replaced, the guide as simple as follows:

Go to the layout (the layout)> edit HTML> check and then expanded the following code replace the code in the template - replace the (with :

(a expr: href = 'data: comment.authorUrl' rel = 'nofollow')


(a expr: href = 'data: comment.authorUrl')

And to make other bloggers know that you are part of the DO FOLLOW, add the following widget that can take you to manually add the logo to add that you wish from Randa Clay Design

Have a nice try

source from : Blogger Widgets

Hopefully helpful



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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing it. Do follow really encourages the commentators to comment on the blog. It also spreads the link juice.


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