Dollar From Site Similar to Facebook

All Netter,
There are more interesting information about social networking sites such as facebook or myspace, but that pays member. This site names is Mypage5.

A few information about some activities that paid by this site as follow:

$ 5 to upload a photo when we list
$ 0.01 / login / day (each time you login to the member area we paid $ 0.01 / day)
$ 0.1 every time we create a blog page in mypage5
$ 0.02 each to give comment on the blog page of others
$ 0.15 each KTA upload video to mypage5
$ 0.02 each to give us a video comment on other people
$ 0.1 for each ad campaign on the line mypage5
$ 0.02 each to create a group
$ 0.02 each to join or to provide comment on the group
$ 1 each to join in on what mypage5 through our link
$ 0.02 each we comment on other people's
$ 0.02 each we enter our photo to album
$ 0.02 each we comment on others photo

So what do you waiting for jus register HERE for FREE

And as always, I ask that all Netter is already getting the information from this article as a speech register in order to receive love through this link, because this site is to provide a bonus for that, so get the benefit not just the site owner.

Hopefully helpful


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  1. Mas aku sudah jadi penikut blogmu . sekarang gantian donk kamu jadi pengikut blogku embahacker.blogspot.com


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